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Residential and Commercial Septic Tank Pumping Drain Cleaning Services Along with Lutes and Sons Septic Pump Truck Septic Tank Pump Replacement Septic Restoration Using Earth Buster Deep Soil Decompactor

Lutes and Sons Septic Services is familiar with all environmental guidelines. We work closely with the local health departments and comply with all regulations regarding proper disposal of all septage and wastewater we collect.

The cost associated with properly disposing of the waste we pump out is built into the cost of your service fee from us. Once we have a full tank or are ready to unload we will bring it to the disposal plant to properly dispose of the sludge and scum.

Septic systems need to be monitored to ensure that they work properly throughout their service lives.

By scheduling routine septic tank pumpings you not only can extend the life of your septic system, but you can also prevent costly backups. If not properly maintained, a septic system can and will fail potentially costing thousands of dollars in repairs and/or replacement.

After your first service from Lutes and Sons Septic Services we will determine the frequency of pumping you need then when the time comes, a reminder card for service needed will be sent out to you.

The key reason to maintain your septic system is to save money! Failing septic systems are expensive to repair or replace and poor maintenance is often the culprit. Plus, in the event of a backup, no one enjoys THAT smell!

Your system will need pumping generally every 3 to 5 years depending on how many people live in the house and the size of the system. An unusable septic system or one in disrepair will also lower your property value and could pose a legal liability.

  • Routine Septic Tank Pumping

Normally septic tanks are to be cleaned every three to five years (sometimes even more often), depending on usage, age, size and other factors.  Lutes and Sons Septic Services will locate, clean and inspect your septic tank during your routine cleaning-pumping.  We will check for leaks, inspect the inlet and outlet baffles and determine if there are any problems you should be aware of.  If you do not know where your main access lid is located, we can locate it for you.  We can dig open lids as well.

  • Septic System Maintenance & Repairs

Inlet and outlet baffles need cleaned routinely throughout the life-cycle of a septic system to ensure it is in the most efficient working condition, we offer this service to our customers that would rather not do this themselves. Drain-fields can get clogged due to neglect so we offer drain-field restoration services as well as inspections to diagnose issues with septic systems. We can also replace pumps, replace baffles, replace/repair deteriorated distribution boxes (also referred to as a d box or dbox) and install risers and lids for ease of access to tanks.

  • Drain Cleaning

Have a clogged or backed up drain? Our Drain Cleaning services are for virtually any drain outside your home or business; over time drains can clog and run slower as greases, soaps, fats, etc build up on the inner walls of the pipes causing a backup. Roots can be another natural cause of backed-up or slow running drains that we can help fix/repair. We have all the tools necessary to clear your drain blockage and get them working again.

  • Certified Septic Inspections

Lutes and Sons Septic Services is State Certified to Inspect Septic Systems (Certified through IOWPA Indiana On-site Wastewater Professionals Association). Failing systems are expensive to repair or replace therefore when buying or selling a property that is served by an on-site sewage system, knowing the condition of the system is critical for negotiation and often required by lending institutions for mortgage loans. We will inspect the tank and provide detailed documentation of the condition of the system to the client.

  • Flood Water Removal

In the event of a flooded basement due to sump pump failure, excessive rain, backed-up drains or a sewage backup, Lutes and Sons Septic Service can pump out and remove the waste-water. 24 Hour Emergency Service is available for situations like this.

  • Drain Field & Septic Tank System Restoration

Why replace your drain field when it can be restored at a fraction of the cost? When a septic drain field fails, it’s almost always because the soil, not the septic tank or the drain pipes, but the soil itself gets clogged up and compacted with a layer of biomat which prevents the fluids from your septic tank from being able to drain out into the soil like it should. This causes the septic tank back up, and if the problem is bad enough, raw sewage can back up into your home’s plumbing fixtures.

Utilizing the EarthBuster™ Deep Soil Decompactor, Lutes Septic knows how to restore your septic drain field taking on the problem right where it starts. Safely opening pathways underneath your lawn/drainfield and breaking up the biomat layer so your septic system fluids can flow freely again, leaching out and away from your system.

Watch this informational video about the EarthBuster™ Deep Soil Decompactor or give us a call and see how we can help you.

  • Skid Loader Work

Utilizing our GEHL RT165 Track Loader/Skid-loader Lutes Septic can do any of the typical skid-loader work from moving and leveling dirt and gravel to driveway maintenance and more specific work like digging post holes with an auger, utilizing pallet forks for lifting and moving tree brush with a grapple. Lutes Septic has several attachments to get the job done. Skid-loaders are versatile machines so the working applications are pretty endless.

  • Trenching Jobs | Trenching Work

Lutes Septic owns a Ditch Witch trencher and can do virtualy any trenching work for a home or business. We can trench lines for both new construction and existing structures incuding replacement/repairs on exsiting lines.. Lutes Septic can perform the following types of trenching work: dig drainge trenches, trench for electrical lines, trenching for water lines, trench for sewer lines, trench for Gas/HVAC piping, and even assist with retaining walls where applicable.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We've all heard the horror stories of raw sewage backed up in a basement or crawl-space due to excessive rain water or a clogged pipe or a combination of the two. We just hope and pray that it never happens to us, but in reality it does happen, that's why we offer 24 Hour Emergency Services.

In the event of a septic tank back-up or flooded areas of your home Lutes and Sons Septic Services offers 24 Hour Emergency Services upon request by calling 260-726-9777. Once in contact and agreement, we will be on site as soon as possible.

When applicable, we can also help coordinate with your Home Owners Insurance Policy claims for your reimbursement of service costs from your insurance policy.


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